Prospecting Prospecting™

Our flagship program delivered as an on-site workshop, keynote, or remote webinar

About the Program

Today’s sales teams need a more modern way to prospect. While cold calling can still be effective with the right approach, Power Prospecting also shows Reps how to harness tools like LinkedIn and automated Email Campaigns. Then they’ll learn a 5-step process for making an effective phone call, work through various objections, and gain the appointment.

What You'll Learn

Power Prospecting gives Reps of all experience levels a step-by-step, repeatable system for effective outreach. It begins with the LinkedIn Lead Locator™ which shows them how to find the right prospects using advanced LinkedIn searches. Then they’ll learn how to reach these crazy-busy executives via both email and cold calling campaigns.
Most importantly, they’ll understand the 5 parts of a successful prospecting outreach:
  1. Permission: Learn a new way to open up the call (no more asking, “How are you today?”
  2. Rapport: Turn a cold call into a warm call with this unique approach
  3. Opportunities: Ask engaging questions that create a need for your solutions
  4. Objections: Defuse any objection that arises in the call
  5. Value Close: Discover the best way to ask for an appointment
PROOV Process

What This Means To You

Participants who complete this course immediately understand how to make better cold calls, craft more engaging emails, and reach any prospect more quickly and easily. As s result, the average Rep increases their number of appointments by at least 40%!
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