The Prospecting Playbook™

A field guide for predictable, repeatable results

What It Is

Do your Reps have several different variations of your Value Proposition, and could some of them could be confusing to prospects?  Do they skip important steps in the sales process that jeopardize the deal? The Prospecting Playbook™ is a field guide that helps Reps explain your key differentiators, effectively communicate your value in the marketplace, and create a clear game plan for winning the sale.

What It Does

Any training program will be short-lived unless Reps have a go-to guide to reinforce the core principles and help them apply what they have learned. After we conduct an in-depth study about your solutions vs. your competition, we create 6 core modules to help your team understand your biggest advantages and what your target prospects care most about. Then we translate this into unique messaging, questions, and client stories that engage prospects at an emotional level and motivate them to take action.
Positioning Playbook

What This Means To You

We know that when prospects are engaged and clearly understand your unique value, you win more deals. Sales teams using the Prospecting Playbook have seen higher closing ratios, shorter sales cycles, and larger initial deal sizes. The Playbook has also helped new hires ramp up more quickly and close their first deal sooner.
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