The COACH's Academy™

Turn your one-on-ones and sales meetings into something inspiring

About the Program

Keeping sales professionals focused and motivated can be a difficult task for sales managers. It can be hard to even find the time to spend with a Rep one-on-one. With this in mind, we created a fast-track coaching methodology that helps Reps make the necessary course corrections and then be self-accountable to meeting their goals–in just a few minutes each week.

What You'll Learn

You’ll begin by participating in a full day Coach’s Workshop where you’ll learn about common coaching mistakes and how to get the most out of your limited time with each Rep.
During this workshop, you’ll learn the 5 parts of a successful coaching session:
  1. Checkup: What progress have they made since the last session?
  2. Observation: What do they agree they need to work on next?
  3. Action: Lead them to new breakthroughs and strategies without “force feeding” them.
  4. Commitment: Create a plan they are committed to following
  5. Habits: Establish measurable mile markers so they’ll know if they’re on track
Following the workshop, you’ll then engage directly with Jake and co-facilitate coaching sessions with various salespeople on your team. During each session you’ll be able to practice a new coaching skill. Between each session you’ll attend a Group Reinforcement Session with other coaches to debrief and prepare for your next coaching participant. 
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What This Means To You

Managers have commented that this was the most effective leadership training they ever attended. You’ll be able to accelerate the ramp-up of new hires and reduce turnover rates. Ultimately you’ll create a “coaching culture” of high performers where your team coaches one another and holds each other accountable.
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