The COACH's Academy™

Coaching certification for your front-line sales leaders

About the Program

Keeping sales professionals focused and motivated can be difficult for even seasoned sales leaders. It can be hard to even find the time to spend with your Reps one-on-one. With this in mind, we created a breakthrough coaching methodology that helps Managers teach, inspire, and develop everyone on their team–in only a few minutes each week. Ultimately, your Reps will learn how to self-coach and your organization will be able to create a coaching culture of high performers.

Avoid The Top 10 Coaching Mistakes

During the certification process, Jake and his team will work hands-on with your front-line sales leaders to address the most common coaching mistakes, such as:
  1. We rescue the Rep too often and pass up a “teachable moment.”
  2. We think that telling is coaching
  3. We assume they heard us and agree with us (and then we’re surprised when they didn’t apply anything they learned).
  4. We don’t establish clear next steps and goals after the coaching session
  5. We don’t coach often enough (for a lot of reasons)
  6. We give too much attention to the poor performers
  7. We coach to the WHAT but not the HOW
  8. We throw the kitchen sink at them
  9. We coach every Rep the same way
  10. We focus too much on the negative
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